El Desafío de la Inclusión, un proyecto del Grupo APICIL para combatir las desigualdades

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The third edition of the Inclusion Challenge is reflected in these images. “Through a close and caring relationship, supporting all lives, throughout life.” This is the raison d’être of the APICIL Group. On December 12, during the closing ceremony in front of over 100 people, three winners were recognized.

The third edition of the Inclusion Challenge attracted more than 285 project holders during the campaign, which took place between September 25 and December 12, 2023. Brahim Bourkia and his suspended burger project, “Suspendall” (a free burger offered for a purchased burger), won the Association category prize. Jean-Marie Marquet, creator of the “TaKahut” platform, won the Entrepreneur prize. With his team, he works on providing holiday and short-term accommodations, as well as outings and all kinds of activities adapted for people in wheelchairs.

We have already supported 70 individuals, from their desire to have a child to returning home with their newborn; it’s a great spotlight! We would like to create an association for parents with disabilities. We also wish to establish a parenting support service to provide ongoing assistance to the couples we have met.

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