El circo Big Bang, de Jean-Marie Russo: el mundo como no gira correctamente

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Jean-Marie Russo’s perspective on life is quite dark. In his play entitled “Big Bang Circus,” the author, also an actor and director, raises metaphysical questions. The play portrays different couples dealing with various struggles, such as staying near a battlefield, navigating hierarchical society, and contemplating the origin of the universe.

Russo shares his fears and pessimism with his excellent partner, Clara Pirali, as they both wear neutral attire that contrasts with the intensity of the play’s themes. Illuminated by Alexandre Boghossian’s lights, their characters are in distress, feeling out of sync with themselves and a planet endangered by human folly. The set consists of a collection of immaculate kitchen elements and doorless lockers, moved by the two actors.

If their aim was to provoke thought, they have succeeded. The play is running until March 16th at the Manufacture des Abbesses Theatre, located at 7 rue Véron in Paris 18th. For tickets, please contact 01 42 33 42 03.

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