“C’est tout bon” n°76: Chinese delights without the hassle

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Dear hedonists,

A few days before the Chinese New Year, on Saturday, February 10th, a mischievous thought led me to reread the fantastic text by Pierre Desproges, written in 1981 for the magazine *Charlie Hebdo*, titled “Les étrangers sont nuls” (Foreigners are worthless). Everyone was targeted, including the French. Regarding the Chinese and their “culinary traditions,” the most caustic and inspired comedian of the 20th century distinguished two types: *«Les Chinois communistes, qui mangent les enfants, et les Chinois nationalistes, qui mangent des conserves.»* Let’s not “Chinese-ify” it. – have multiplied in the 80s is to know where to taste fresh (animal) meat and homemade dishes.

This is not obvious, even in Paris. In the restaurant industry, the descendants of expatriates have often lost the authenticity of a heritage that is 4000 years old. Their menus… Sincerely, [Your Name]

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