Calculate your tax to pay in 2019 quickly

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To simulate the amount due to the public treasury this year, you only need to use the calculation table of Le Particulier. From the result obtained, you must deduct professional, property, and other deficits as well as deductible charges and allowances. The marginal tax rate corresponds to the maximum bracket of the scale applicable to your income.

R: taxable net income; N = number of family quotient parts. For example, a married couple with no children (N = 2) has a taxable income of €85,000. They are taxed in the 30% bracket (€85,000 / 2 = €42,500).

Therefore, the formula [(€85,000 x 0.3) – (€5,798 x 2)] should be applied to know the amount of their tax, which is €13,904.

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