Día de San Valentín: joyas y besos

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In the month of February, there is something reminiscent of Dali in the shops. British designer Solange Azagury-Partridge adds, “*More sensual as well*,” referring to her Hotlips rings inspired by the colors of women’s lipstick shades, created in 1995. These rings adorn the fingers of numerous celebrities and young girls who wear them more for themselves than as a token of love. “Its rosebud shape is actually close to that of a heart.

But why not a mouth; it’s more modern, less cliché and it will be less intimidating!” admits 33-year-old Martin, who is considering making a statement for Valentine’s Day. At Marie-Hélène de Taillac, where hearts have always been part of the collections, the Tender Kiss pendants, earrings, and rings with relief lips, faceted with hard stones, are a hit. The creator suggests, “*Perhaps because it is less daunting to offer a mouth than a heart?

I have always liked this motif on jewelry. *”

The 2 Lips motif was conceived at the end of the lockdown as a tribute to the French kiss, celebrating the return of kisses in a period of restrictions, as explained at Dinh Van. The Amore collection suggests, in a poetic, delicate, and unexpected way, sensuality and intimacy. Naturally, Atelier VM, a specialist in welded jewelry intended to never be removed, offers its version.

Viola Naj Oleari, one of the founders of the Italian jewelry company, narrates, “*The lips are the queens of the face and heart. Lips speak! I have always enjoyed observing their movements; they are visually strong when set in a piece of jewelry. *”

Especially on two models of openwork rings, housing a brilliant or a ruby, and a second-skin effect coral pendant, which will appeal to the new generation.

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