CGT demands clearer criteria for bonuses awarded to civil servants for Paris 2024

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The largest civil servant union argues that “compensations for constraints are insufficient and not established in the same way depending on the public employers,” creating inequality. They are demanding more precise rules. This demand comes a few days after the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, announced that the exceptional compensation for some mobilized gendarmes and police officers during the Olympic Games could increase up to 1900 euros. A circular published in November stated that for all 5.7 million public agents, the “salary increase” linked to the Games does not exceed 1500 euros.

According to the CGT, the administration “acknowledged that the circular of November 22, 2023 was not satisfactory, nor precise enough on the criteria to be considered for obtaining the Olympic bonus.” It is said to have committed to proposing more precise criteria in a forthcoming meeting with the unions, scheduled for mid-March. Progress has also been made on the compensation for teleworking, which former Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne strongly encouraged the administration to implement in its November circular, in order to avoid congestion in transportation. According to the union, “the DGAFP has committed to retaining the principle of compensating for each day of telework, even if it is necessary to uncap the number of days per year entitling to this compensation.”

Currently, public servants are entitled to a compensation of 2.88 euros per day of telework, up to 253.44 euros per year – equivalent to a maximum of 88 annual days of teleworking. The use of telecommuting must be “based on voluntary basis” only, insists the CGT in its statement.

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