“The Valseuses” Cancelled: Is Bertrand Blier the Next Victim of Wokism?

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*Les Valseuses* deprogrammed: Is Bertrand Blier the next victim of wokism? The deprogramming of this cult film from the 1970s on Paris Première bodes ill for the masterpieces of the director.

Here we are. Paris Première has deprogrammed *Les Valseuses*.

They did not waste any time. There is a better way to celebrate a fiftieth anniversary.

Cowardice is rampant. Small terrors reign in the French landscape.

Dewaere has for the moment escaped all of this. Let’s not kid ourselves; Bertrand Blier is in the crosshairs.

You’ll see. Big Gégé will be very handy for censoring the works of the bearded man with the pipe.

Let’s open our umbrellas. *Get Out Your Handkerchiefs*, where Carole Laure melts for a teenager, is synonymous with an ode to pedophilia.

And let’s not talk about *Beau-Père*, in which Dewaere had ambiguous feelings for a 14-year-old girl. We have an author there…

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